Mark of the Triad

What will the world look like in 30 years?


After a massive trade war, the United States lies in financial ruin. Fewer than twenty states remain. New power structures are formed; most locals revert to the barter system. Although some traditional infrastructure remains, they hold on by a thread.


Lonn Peters, a former detective for the Honolulu Police and a bounty hunter, is unemployed and is desperate to provide for his family. When an enticing offer lures him to the mainland Lonn is unprepared for what he finds. When a veteran detective goes missing, Lonn is tasked to investigate. What he finds threatens to unravel all he knows about law enforcement, people, and culture.


In this dystopian thriller, you never know who to trust.

  • Saved in: <a href="" rel="tag">Young Adult</a>
  • Available: January 20, 2020
  • Edited by: TBD
  • Published by: David Goodin Author

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