Echoes of Silence Thoughts/Notes

Anyone who has read any of my previous work will probably agree that this is my darkest work to date. I’m writing this to share my thought process. In the first book of the Cyber Hunter Origins, Synapse of Ash Treeka awakens into a new world. Initially, she has no memory of her past, but she realizes that she has a sister. As she continues her quest, other memories surface. Although she has doubts about her place in the world, she is starting to accept her new life. In Echoes of Silence, her world is rocked to its core. She loses herself to the moment, and while trying to survive, she finds herself in dire straits. However, nothing is as it seems, and trusted allies turn into new enemies. This book is Treeka’s darkest hour and her struggle to overcome her darker tendencies. Future books won’t be as dark. Treeka’s arc does crossover into other works in my story universe. Check out Reckoning of Delta Prime. It is significantly lighter fare than Echoes of Silence.